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The following are just some of the ISSUES that the members of the Westerville TEA Party and the Westerville 9.12 Project are talking about.
Voter Registration
It is imperative that all citizens participate in our republic! This includes voting. Make sure you are registered to vote - it is a foundational right that we all should participate in!
Westerville City Schools
The Westerville TEA Party believes that our school district is extremely important to our community. We desire to work with our school district in productive ways. However, we also believe the district must be balanced with the community (positive educational results within a fiscally responsible framework) and we will work towards keeping that balance. We will communicate information about the district as it arises. Information and details can be found at these locations:
Workplace Freedom
The premise for Workplace Freedom is a core TEA Party platform - Freedom! Workplace Freedom is about the freedom to choose your association and not be forced into it. To help work for workplace freedom in Ohio, visit the Ohioans for Workplace Freedom website or contact us to learn more!
Voter Fraud
When a precinct has 108% of their registered voters, vote, there is a problem! One way to help is to clean the voter rolls of inactive voters. One group doing that is True the Vote. They have a process to clean the voter roles and you can help!
Agenda 21
Agenda 21 is a United Nations strategy to control the individual through the government or the collective. The goal is to determine your life for you: the freedom to travel, the number of children you can have, how you can use your land, and more. They use code words like: Sustainability, Smart Growth, Wildlands Projects, Global Truth, Open Space, Comprehensive Planning, etc.
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